The Koffee Kup Restaurant in St Cloud, Florida.    

About The Koffee Kup Restaurant ...

The Koffee Kup Restaurant, Florida

The Koffee Kup is more than just a local restaurant; it's a home away from home for countless members of the community. "We find ourselves becoming acquainted with our customers. They are friends and we make them feel comfortable." said Frank. Coined, as a local town favorite,

The Koffee Kup Restaurant, has been part of the community for over a decade. Owners, Frank and Donna Woodsby stumbled across the restaurant in 2001, and decided to take a leap of faith and continue their family legacy right here in St. Cloud.

The Koffee Kup had already been running for some previous five years under different management. “When we bought it back then, it was a great business,” said Frank. “The place had the best name in St. Cloud. We just took a good place and made it better,” Frank continued.

Focused on family, The Koffee Kup is now managed but Frank, Donna and their two kids Franky and Tanya, and Franks sister, Linda Woodsby. As a whole, the Woodsby family strives to provide exceptional service. “We try to keep the prices low and we serve nothing but the best quality,” said Frank. “We have servers that have been here for 15 years and a cook that has been here for 18,” said Frank.

The Woodsby family has been in the restaurant business for a long time and Frank says he had followed in his father’s footsteps. After attending Atlantic Vocational Center for about three years, Frank received his culinary training. Frank and Donna met in North Carolina and married in 1975. During that time, Frank’s family owned three restaurant in Lakeland. His parents owned Margate Diner and New Orleans Oyster Bar and Frank owned a restaurant called Sea Lander.

Working his way up the ladder, Frank decided to buy another restaurant after working for Imperial Lakes Country Club as head chef for six years. It was called Frank’s Fast and the Best Sandwich Shop, which he owned for 15 years.

Frank and Donna moved back to North Carolina and bought Franky and Donnas' Kitchen, running it for about three years. Shortly after, an opportunity arose for the family to come back to Florida, when they decided to plant their family’s future with The Koffee Kup.

Koffee Kup

Frank and Donna seem to be very happy and right at home with The Koffee Kup. “The town here is wonderful, and we believe giving back to the community and helping people is the key,” said Frank. He and his wife strive to give back to the community by teaming up with the 13th Street Methodist Church for the past five years to feed the homeless. They also frequently participate in hospital visits with the Golden Girls Awareness Group. The Koffee Kup also holds a customer appreciation party during December holiday season. “The locals are what keeps us going. We have been so blessed here and with the economy so bad, we haven’t raised our prices in three years,” said Frank.

From Frank, his family and everyone at The Koffee Kup: "We hope to see you at the Kup.”